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Cleaning and Polishing

Routine maintenance on your jewelry will help it last for generations to come. Stop into our shop, grab a cup of coffee and browse our collection while we professionally polish and clean your pieces in-house.

Why Clean Your Jewelry?

Regularly cleaning your jewelry is crucial for maintaining its beauty, longevity, and value. Over time, dirt, oils, and environmental pollutants can accumulate on jewelry surfaces, dulling their shine and luster. Additionally, body oils and sweat can cause tarnishing, especially for pieces made of silver or other metals. By regularly cleaning your jewelry, you not only keep it looking its best but also help prevent potential damage or deterioration. Moreover, routine cleaning allows you to inspect your jewelry for any loose stones, weak clasps, or other issues that may require professional attention, ensuring that your precious pieces remain in excellent condition for years to come. Whether it’s a beloved heirloom or a recent purchase, investing time in cleaning your jewelry pays off in maintaining its beauty and value.

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Visit us any time during our standard business hours and we can ensure your jewelry is in the best condition of it’s life.