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Get a certified appraisal for just about any jewelry piece, whether it be for insurance purposes, an estate appraisal, or just cash if you’re wondering how much it could be worth to sell.

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What Is An Appraisal?

During a jewelry appraisal for insurance purposes, a trained appraiser thoroughly examines the piece of jewelry, assessing its various characteristics such as the quality of gemstones, metals, craftsmanship, and any unique features. They may utilize specialized tools such as magnifiers, scales, and gemological equipment to accurately evaluate its value. Detailed descriptions and photographs are often recorded, documenting the item’s condition and specifications. The final appraisal report provides an estimated value based on current market trends and ensures that the jewelry is adequately insured against loss, theft, or damage.

As a courtesy, by appointment, we will go through the jewelry of your estate, and separate the fine jewelry from the costume, and help you determine what is of value, and what is not. Also help you determine what you want appraised and what is not worth having that done. Helping you to divide jewelry in some cases as equally as possible.

We evaluate and test metals for purity, and weight, and then provide a quote of what we would pay for the metal. We determine if we wish to purchase any gemstones or diamonds, and at what cost.

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