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South Dakota Coin Pendant

Unleash your daring spirit with our South Dakota Coin Pendant! Handcrafted in-house, this pendant features a pure silver buffalo coin, set in a bezel inspired by the iconic Black Hills Gold designs. Embody the adventurous spirit of the Wild West with this unique and timeless piece. Order now and add a touch of daring to […]

Black Hills Gold Buffalo Pendant

Unleash your wild side with the Black Hills Gold Buffalo Pendant. Handcrafted in South Dakota, this stunning piece features intricate Black Hills Gold leaf details and a bold North American bison design. Add a touch of local flair to your wardrobe and show off your unique style! Details: Sterling silver 12k rose, green gold Chain […]

Mt. Rushmore Pendant

Take a piece of South Dakota with you wherever you go with our Mt. Rushmore Pendant! Crafted with Black Hills Gold and featuring our state bird, the pheasant, this gold and silver pendant is a playful addition to any jewelry collection. Details: 10k yellow gold 12k rose, green gold on bail Silver Chain included