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Tanzanite Stud Earrings

Experience luxury and rarity with our stunning tanzanite stud earrings. The perfectly cut violet-blue stones, found in the exclusive mines of Tanzania, are showcased in elegant white gold settings. Indulge in a unique and exquisite gemstone that exudes beauty and sophistication. Details: 14k white gold 5mm tanzanites martini settings

Josephine Tanzanite Earrings

Only found in one mine in Tanzania, tanzanite is a special and rare stone. The beautiful violet-blue stones are set in white gold. Details: 14k white gold 5mm tanzanites martini settings

Lourdes Tanzanite and Pink Tourmaline Bracelet

The purple of tanzanite and the pink of tourmaline are punctuated by sparkling diamonds. This is truly a show-stopping bracelet.  Details: 14k white gold tanzanite 2.38cttw pink tourmaline 1.83cttw diamonds 0.45cttw